Xbox Wireless Controller Review Hand On

Xbox Wireless Controller Review

Xbox wireless controller review: In any world of gaming, it’s a test of how well you can master the world.

Those who excel can easily take the top score.

To be good at the games you play, it will take precision and skill, that’s true.

But neither of those can make up for a poorly performing controller and that is where the Xbox wireless controller review comes in.

You want a good controller so that you can remain in the top of your game.

Gamers of all ages like and enjoy using the Xbox wireless controller.

One of the fundamental reasons for this controller’s popularity is because it has a 3.5mm jack that can be used with a compatible headset.

That’s a huge plus for this controller. Users love being able to plug right into the controller.

And also this Xbox wireless controller review has been revamped to receive twice the wireless range as opposed to previous Xbox One Controllers.

Xbox Wireless Controller Review

Xbox Wireless Controller

Another reason gamer’s love this controller is because the design of the controller has been overhauled to help you get the precision you need to be the top gamer.

In the upper left corner of the controller, the D pad that could sometimes cause issues with game play is much better now.

Plus, the feel of the controller is better as well. Since the texturing was put on the controller, it lost that slick, easy to drop feel and is now easier to grip.

You get more comfort regardless of how long you play using the Xbox wireless controller review.

Along with the better design, you get better action responses now thanks to the impulse triggers.

This lets you actually experience the game play while giving you better accuracy.

Precision is improved as well thanks to the more sensitive thumbsticks



Xbox Wireless Controller Review is Precision

Everything is easy access with the design. So you won’t be fumbling for the trigger.

The bumpers with this device have also been greatly improved.

With this controller, you get easier menu and view buttons and you also get more wireless range than you used to get.

This allows players to be able to use it without being right on top of the console.

You can play at the opposite end of the room if you need to. You have the option of attaching multiple controllers to your console.

If you’re wondering if it’s compatible with other Xbox equipment, it is.

You can use this with the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit, the Xbox One headset or the One Chat headset.

The controller does have Bluetooth capability. This lets you play games on devices that are equipped with Windows 10.

It can also be used with Xbox One S.

Xbox wireless controller review: a good selling point with this device is that if the digital game is part of the Play Anywhere feature, then you can switch game play from your console to your Windows 10 computer without losing anything from the game.

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