Video Games Help With Depression New Discoveries

Video games help with depression? This is an important question that we will attempt to answer in this article with facts based on the new discoveries.

There will always be those who will understand because they believe in science and those who wouldn’t make even the effort because they are Plain Square minded.

The Yin and Yang game is part of life and we have to be adults enough to cope with that; it is also call freedom of will.

Let’s thus forget the eternal detractors and focused on the amazing facts that science is coming up with what video games can do or not?

Let start by saying that if it were for Science, life would not have been lengthened as we know it today.

Therefore it goes without saying that without science there is no progress.

We will quote here a few works which confirm the findings below:

Video Games Help With Depression New Discoveries

Video Games Help With Depression New Discoveries

Research on the Link between Gaming and Stress

Most gamers report that playing video games—even violent games—is a way to relieve stress and enjoy playing with friends.

However, much of the research conducted on video games comes with the presumption that games are stressful or even psychologically harmful.

While this isn’t the whole story, there is some evidence to support this assumption.

Some studies show that a stressful in-game situation leads players to experience a stress reaction in real life.

Other studies have found that when people play violent games, they are more likely to act aggressively in laboratory-based scenarios.

For instance, players who played violent games for 20 minutes were more likely to blast a loud noise at another subject when given the chance, which was considered an indication of aggression.

Another study found that teens that played violent games experienced minimal increases in feelings of aggression, though the increases were barely detectable; teen girls experienced a slight increase in stress.

Read original article here: Gaming and Stress

video games relieve stress anxiety

video games relieve stress anxiety

Video Games Help With Depression

There are many reasons why video games are great for stress relief.

The first one is that people are able to enter entirely new worlds, and they can escape the reality of their daily activities for a few hours.

The simple act of doing something that takes your mind off your problems at work or your problems with your friends, family, and spouse, is more than enough to help people get rid of stress.

There are many incredible worlds to explore in video games.

This s the reason why it can be such an appealing hobby and why so many adults seem to be finding a great way to escape from the real world in the comfort of their living rooms.

It seems like being able to shoot people and monster in video games is a positive way to blow off some steam. Gamer use this kind of content as a cathartic method to get rid of their tension and anxiety.

Games like Call of Duty have become massively popular because they allow people to go online and start shooting each other with handguns, rifles and rocket launchers.

Other studies have been conducted on the overall performance of workers depending on the kind of activities they like to engage.

It seems like people who like to play video games report, feeling more relaxed after a long week of hard work.

Full Article Author: Khorasan University

As we can see from the above research video games truly do provide something more than relaxation and stress relief, they help feel better and live better.

The positive influence is completely obvious.

Here are some more facts:

Stress is one of the main contributors of heart related diseases and stroke.

Any way you look at it, stress can and will kill.

Because of this fact, more and more people today are now finding out new ways to relieve stress.

Some people find it relaxing when they exercise or when they work out at the gym.

Others say that playing sports is a great way to relieve stress, while there are also some people who prefer going to the spa to get a massage in order to relieve stress.

These activities can really help you relieve the stress you feel from work or from school.

But, have you ever considered playing video games help with depression or stress?

video games help with depression

Video Games Help With Depression News

Recent studies have found that playing video games can really help you relieve stress or depression.

In fact, just 15 to 30 minutes of playing with video games can get your mind off stressful things.

So, why can video games help with depression or stress?

For starters, you have to remember that the real world is indeed a stressful world.

Every single day, you will encounter stressful situations which can really affect your overall well-being.

Video games can virtually take away this reality and put you inside the game.

This actually means that it’s ok to dumb out in a short amount of time.

You just need to get your mind off the stressful things you encounter each day.

After playing with video games, you will feel refreshed and also get your mind ready for another session of stress.

In fact, more and more companies are now considering putting video games in staff rooms.

Serving as a way for their employees to get rid of stress during their breaks, studies have found that employees who play video games during break time are more efficient at work than those who don’t play video games during their break.

Another great benefit of video games is that it creates cooperation and team building.

There were reports that the marines played with the Xbox 360 video game, Halo during their time off.

The group of marines played online with other people from different parts of the world, which really improved communication between them and it also helped in strengthening the team in real life.

The best thing about playing video games is that it helped them focus more on work as playing with the video game really relieved stress or depression.

In fact, there were even reports that surgeons play with video games right before operation.

This is because video games can really help them keep their focus once they get going on the operation.

It will help in clearing the mind from distractions which is essential when they go to surgery.

As you can see, video games aren’t just all fun and games.

Video games help with stress relief

There are hidden benefits that can really help you in the real world.

This will serve as a great stress reliever and it can also serve as your outlet of stress and frustrations you experience in the real world.

So, if you need a great stress reliever, you don’t have to go to the spa.

All you need to do is play with video games.

Within 30 minutes of playing, you can be sure that your mind will be clear of any stressful thoughts, which also means that you will be able to take care of your overall well-being.

This is how video games help with depression or stress.

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