Top Eagle Flight VR Review for PlayStation

Eagle flight VR (virtual reality) review for PlayStation is absolutely a must have, discover why in the article.

Almost all of us have dreamt sometimes to be to fly like birds or even better and this in a nutshell is what this powerful games offers.

Also this is the reason this piece of fantastic creative technology has quickly and is quickly becoming the rave among gamers.

Virtual reality games are quickly rising in popularity and you don’t want to miss out on these gems.

Many of them can offer an amazing game play experience.

One of these, Eagle Flight PS VR, can introduce you to a new level in the virtual world.

During this game, you become the eagle.

There is a short lesson that you’ll go through in the beginning that will teach you how to operate throughout the game.

You’ll be able to soar through the skies over Paris and you can engage in long term play.

Unlike some virtual reality games that have a lot of motion, you won’t experience motion sickness.

As you soar, you’ll have to move through the world using the movements like an eagle would.

You’ll use your controller to fight or protect yourself from your enemies.

When you begin to play the game, one thing you’ll notice is that there are no people within Paris.

Everywhere you look, you’ll only see animals and lots of overgrowth.

The game looks complicated to play, but it actually is not and the levels of the game are difficult enough to be challenging, but no so much that they can’t be mastered.

To move the eagle during the game, you’ll use your neck or head.

When you want to head a different way, you simply look in that direction.

The game lets the eagle do some pretty amazing flight moves like swoops.

The moves will lift you up high into the sky or let you easily fly around objects.

You’ll have to learn how to get through the levels and avoid colliding with buildings or other objects.

You can fly fast or slow and the way that you’ll fight back at birds that would harm you is to use the voice of the eagle.

But you’ll have to be careful because some of these birds know how to thwart you.

As you go through the eagle flight vr review game, your objective is to complete different missions using both your speed and combat skills.

Each level will be different.

Some of them seem easier than others, but they all offer a challenge.

The missions make the game exciting, but what many people enjoyed was just being able to soar as the eagle using the free flight.

The game, which also has multi player ability, takes a while to play as well as master, so it’s not something you’ll be able to just zip through.

The great visuals offer a satisfying immersive experience.

Eagle Flight VR Review for PlayStation

Eagle Flight VR Review for PlayStation

Rarely will you find a product which review has an overwhelming five stars approved by most of the customers who bought it and are using it.

Here we quote a few for your appreciation and you can also confirm it yourself by clicking on the link below.

With only one voice the “Eagle Flight VR Review” is described as followed:

“So glad I bought this. I was hesitant at first. The game really shines at multiplayer. And the developers have obviously gone to great lengths to address any with VR motion related issues.

The only downside perhaps is the graphics are a little light in the realism department, but the plus side is that it is an incredibly fun, relaxing and comfortable experience with no stuttering, lag or other glitches.

Overall, an extremely polished game. And a great addition to any VR library. Definitely a gold-standard reference for other developers to refer to as an example of excellent VR implementation”

“Not sure how they did it but the programmers of this game made a title that features flying from great heights and dodging through cramped alleyways without the vertigo I have personally experienced in other titles.

In Batman I could not will myself to step forward towards a ledge. Intense vertigo occurred when I tried.

Even the shark attack dive gave me more of a feeling of vertigo when the cage begins to lower than this game at its most intense.

With this game zooming around the environment feels natural.

Certainly has parts that raise the blood pressure and adrenaline but somehow thankfully vertigo does not make an appearance.

Great game for any into flying or air to air combat.

Many levels feel like the trench run in the original Star Wars film.

The dogfighting between birds feels similar to a WWI flight simulator. Amazing little title!”

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It is hard not to mention that fact since most of us has its own personal opinion.

But incredible enough everybody agrees on that the scoring:

The Eagle Flight VR Review is a five Stars piece of technology; get yours from amazon now below.

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