The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition Update New Review

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition Update

A bit of history about the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video game series:

“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open world action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

It is the fifth main installment in The Elder Scrolls series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 11, 2011.
The game’s main story revolves around the player character and their quest to defeat Alduin the World-Eater, a dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world.

The game is set two hundred years after the events of Oblivion, and takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim.

Over the course of the game, the player completes quests and develops the character by improving skills.

The game continues the open world tradition of its predecessors by allowing the player to travel anywhere in the game world at any time, and to ignore or postpone the main storyline indefinitely.”

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Ever since a lot of things had changed for the better which gives birth to the fact that…

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim special edition update had been running periodically for quite sometimes so far.

The recent Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, just got its newest update and port for both Xbox one and PS4 consoles

Accessible on PS4 and Xbox one, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition Update brings back the identical gameplay and tale from the original Skyrim, nevertheless with more powerful enhancements graphics wise, optimization and framerate.

To the new updated edition for this Special Edition have been added new mods, which trigger new weapons, characters and quests that are something which the older consoles didn’t have at all.

Skyrim begins with you as a prisoner, being taken in for a crime that you’re not entirely sure of.

You get to completely customize your character, from major things like what race you are or what gender you are to the tiniest details, like how high or low your eyebrow is.

The mythical races you chose from all have different strengths and weaknesses and special abilities.

For example, the Khajiit, a humanoid cat race, has the ability to see in the dark, and is better geared towards stealth than combat.

Other races, like the Orcs, are more suitable for physical fighting.

Some races, notably elves, are good for magic, and some are immune to poison and certain magical attacks.

As you progress throughout the game, you can choose to complete the main quest, or focus on the many side quests and stories strewn across the land.

The main quest involves the return of the infamous dragon to the land, though they were thought for centuries to all be dead.

It is revealed that you are the Dragonborn, a non-dragon capable of performing the same magical spells, called shouts that the dragons can.

These shouts range from fire breathing to slowing time and even pushing things out of your way.

You have to go out and slay the main dragon that has been travelling around resurrecting all of the previously slain dragons.

There are plenty of side missions to choose from, too, such as resolving the Civil War in Skyrim or becoming the Thane of all of the Cities.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition Update is available on PS4 and Xbox One, and is a free upgrade for PC users who bought the original game and all of the DLC in the past.

There are two options to buy this new Skyrim: Standard and SteelBook.

Standard comes with the full revamped Skyrim and all of the DLC that it originally launched with, and is available both physically and digitally.

The SteelBook version has the same content, but it comes in a high quality metal case, and is only available physically.

 The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition Update

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition Update

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