Pokémon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Video Game Hottest Review

Pokémon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon: None can refute the fact that one of the trendiest franchises during the last two decades has been Pokémon.

Emerging from the Land of the Rising Sun or Japan, this video game series took Europe, The USA and many other areas of the world by storm and was developed into a long running TV show, trading card, and game and merchandising goldmine.

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Pokémon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon

Pokémon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon

Even though the first game came out in the U.S. in 1998, Nintendo is still producing new games in this legendary franchise.

The latest games are Pokémon ultra sun ultra moon.

In this most recent emphasis of Pokémon, you will encounter yourself in a new region called Alola.

Founded on Hawaii, this tropical region is not like any of the regions seen so far, and as always, is populated with new Pokémon to catch and battle.

Actually, 81 new Pokémon can be found, with added new forms of existing ones and so much more.

The actual new forms of pre-existing Pokémon are well-known as Alola forms, having acclimated to the new neighborhoods of these regions with diverse types, moves, and appearances to their previous generation counterparts.

For example, the Vulpix from Red and Blue is a fire type, and can learn fire moves.

The Alolan Vulpix is an ice type, who can learn ice moves, and is a snowy white instead of red-orange.

Another new addition to the game is the Rotom Pokédex.

Pokémon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon

Pokmon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon

The Pokédex has been in every game so far, and acts as an encyclopedia of every Pokémon that you have seen or captured, including a description of each one.

One of the major goals of the game after becoming the Champion of the region is to fill up your Pokédex, thus the Company’s slogan, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All.”

In Pokémon ultra sun ultra moon, you have a new Pokédex inhabited by an electric Pokémon, Rotom.

This gives your Pokédex its own personality, and it also updates you on objectives to complete, which you get through talking with other people.

It even gives you a detailed map that you can see constantly on the bottom screen of the 3DS, where previously you had to open your bag and grab a map out of it to see where you were.

A few new mechanics were added to the game as well.

First, players will notice that they are no longer restricted to 4 or 8 directions like previous games – they have full movement control.

This, combined with the improved 3D models of the players, makes the game feel much more like a regular console game than a handheld game.

Other new mechanics include Z-Moves, which are very powerful moves that combine the strength of the trainer and the Pokémon – only useable once per battle.

Also there are SOS Battles, Poké Rides, QR codes scanning, and so much more.

Pokémon ultra sun ultra moon is a fantastic and entertaining game for anyone, whether they’ve just picked up Pokémon or they’ve been a fan since the 90s.

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