Our Top hottest New Video Games Release Choice Review

This year has seen a lot new video games release to hit the market.

Some are total remake and others have simply gone through a Remastering, while many others are just plain new.

There are games for every type of players and they are made for the usual platform such as PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch.

Most of the newly released video games we a reviewing today can be acquired online or offline without any problem.

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Our Top hottest New Video Games Release Choice Review



Here are our lists of those we consider to be the top hottest ones:


Left Alive A spiritual successor to Square Enix’s lackluster 2010 shooter, front Mission Evolved, this upcoming title returns to the universe with what most hope will be better writing and improved combat.

Judging from its trailers, the game certainly has that triple a look, with its stunning portrayal of a war-torn Novo Slava and seemingly branching storylines.

Still forgettable and unimpressive, we can’t wait to see what you think of it when you had the chance to have a go at it whether on the PC and PS4.


Total War- Three Kingdoms In this coming century, the Total War series explores the orient with a fascinating dive into Chinese-style imperialism.

There will eleven factions up for control, each headed by their respective legendary Warlords.

The Guanxi system of interrelationships will come to play as you conquer with diplomacy and might.

A romantic like in this hottest new video games global superpower’s history, it’s for PC.


Devil May Cry 5, 11 years after Devil May Cry 4s release, CAPCOMs love child returns to their critically acclaimed hack and slash.

Continuing Nero and Dante’s story in the previous game, this will be the first in the series to feature three playable characters with their own unique stories and abilities.

An exciting new installment to the demon-slaying hack and slash, you’ll find it on the shelves of most stores in your neighborhood or at a better price online.

It can be acquired for PC, Xbox One and PS4.



One Piece World Seeker An open-world One Piece game is just what everyone needs right now.

Bandai Namco’s takes on Eiichiro Odas masterpiece takes you to the great seas of the New World.

Enter a whole new story, made especially for the game, and live it in Buffy point of view.

An open world reunion of your favorite Straw Hat pirates, it has been released also on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.



Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 The virus spreads into the capital in this sequel to Tom Clancy’s outbreak containment series is one of the hottest new videos games so far.

This installment offers almost double the content of the original with a 40-hour campaign storyline, three Dark Zones for all-out eight-player raids, and a free post-launch DLC that include story missions and upgrades to their PvP mode.

You can find for most platforms PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2


The Caligula Effect Overdose first released on the PS Vita, this Atlus JRPG is coming to new platforms in renewed form.

Still covering the same Japanese High School setting, play as a character trapped in a VR program and help them escape the twisted world with their signature dungeon crawling and turn-based combat.

Coming packed with new scenes, endings, and the brand new female protagonist, it’s a new look at an established universe and it is already here too.

Check it out following this link:

The Caligula Effect video game

Our Top hottest New Video Games Release Choice Review

Our Top hottest New Video Games Release Choice Review



SEKIRO Shadows Die Twice While their name will forever be tied to their genre defying RPGs Bloodborne and Dark Souls, with this latest IP, FromSoftware seeks to impress the world with something entirely new.

Set in a Sengoku era Japan, it follows a Sekiro on his journey for vengeance using stealth, prosthetic limbs, and Lazarus-like powers.

Compared to their previous hits, this is shaping up to be a more mobile combat experience, possibly sprinkled with the punishing quality of Dark Souls.

This game as most the others above can be downloaded directly and start playing or be gotten in your types whether Xbox One, PS4 or PC.



There had been a lot of new video games release lately and as real fans of video gaming we could go on and on.

But this is not the aim of this article; we simply want to share with you those we consider to be really the hottest.

This is taking into account the frame rates, action, images, story and storytelling rhythm.

The whole idea of gaming is to relax and shut of our mind from fast modern living pace or rat race, by entering new dimensions and world in our games.

Otherwise we could go with our list, but that is not the point.

If you had any recommendation you believe is worth including in this list, please let’s know using the contact box below.

You are most welcomed.

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