New Nintendo Switch Everything You Will Ever Need to Know

Nintendo Entertainment System Console

When you have a passion for something then nothing can stop you to do that.

And if we talk about games, well, it can be more addictive than anything else in life.

Some human minds have an intuitive attraction to games.

Today there are two different options for gaming. You can play on your PC or you may go for the mobile.

They have a huge difference between them. And then there is a third way of gaming which has become very popular these days:

Console gaming

You can play games on a console or even on your LED with joy sticks.

This type of games is more popular among them who want to have the real feel.

Well console gamers; there is good news for you. Nintendo is back with their all new gaming console ‘Nintendo Switch’.

It’s good to know

Those who have an addiction probably know the name very well.

Though they may have a bitter experience with Nintendo’s previous gaming console Wii U.

They faced a heavy loss in sales of this console.

This loss was mainly due to a mistake in decision making.

When the world went to mobile gaming, they decided not to join the platform.

For that decision, Nintendo faced one of its biggest financial losses in its history.

And that’s the reason why the authorities began to devise a plan to regain their market share.

After some hard thinking over the issue they came up with an idea to develop a new gaming console at last.

Thank God, they did! Or else we would have been deprived of such an amazing option.

But they were not looking for just a console. They were planning to develop a console that would redefine the gaming experience.

They were finding the answer of the question, “what kind of new experience can we create?”

And finally they announced on October, 2016 that they are bringing a new console in the market under the name ‘Nintendo Switch’.

They declared that this switch will provide new way to gaming. And on this March 3, they have launched the product.

Nintendo Switch features

When you buy a Nintendo Switch and unbox it, you will be amused.

Inside there is a Nintendo Switch, a Nintendo Switch Dock, Joy-Con controllers, Joy-Con grip, straps, charging cable.

This thing gives you three different ways to play. One is the TV mode where you can connect the dock to your TV with the HDMI cable.

Controls can be used in two ways too. If you want the more conventional way, you can play it in attached mode.

Same as the joy sticks we used a couple of years back.

But if you are not comfortable with that and want to have the latest sensation, you can detach it from the grip through a simple sliding by pressing on the locks.

For an added convenience you can use straps to hold the controls in your hands.

The joy con straps really add comfort to the free form control schemes with its shoulder left and shoulder right bumper buttons.

The second way of playing on this console is the tabletop mode.

In this mode you can play games on the 6.2 inch LCD capacitive touch screen.

There is an independent stand on the back side of the switch that helps it stand atop the table or any other surface.

You can detach the controllers from the side and use them as the classic way. And finally there is the handheld mode.

With just the screen and controllers attached to its sides, you can move to places while playing your favorite game on this console.

Just think of it as a mobile with two different controllers on both sides. If only our smartphones had that!

Nintendo Switch specifications

This hybrid gaming console is fitted with 6.2 inch capacitive screen that displays 1280X720 pixel resolution.

The resolution can be increased to 1920X1080 when connected to the TV.

It’s operated by Nintendo Switch system software and incorporates both physical and digital media.

The system runs on an Nvidia Tegra chipset. It has a 4 GB RAM and an internal storage of 32 GB.

The memory can be extended to as much as 2 TB with an external memory card.

The console uses a 3.7 V lithium ion battery of 4310 mAh.

The battery gives you 3 to 6 hours of backup depending on the game you are playing.

And it takes 3 hours to charge the unit fully in a sleep mode.

The switch has Bluetooth 4.1 and Wireless LAN communication to choose between.

It offers stereo audio through internal speakers and headphones.

Now about the controllers. The Joy-Con controllers are equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 and a near field communication system in the right controller.

Each of the controllers includes a gyroscope and an accelerometer.

The right controller also has an infrared motion camera.

It has an HD rumble that makes the motion games more realistic.

On a full charge they can run for 20 hours and take a 3.5 hours charge to be recharged fully.

The grips have a locking mechanism to provide more safety while playing and an LED light on each grip to indicate the player number.

This is particularly helpful multiplayer games.

Nintendo Entertainment System Console

Nintendo Entertainment System Console

What do you think?

Okay, enough with the tough words about specifications.

If you are not a techie, probably you don’t want to hear all that.

You simply want to know if it will serve your purpose or not.

So let me give you some points for your interest:

• It has a list of 137 games to choose between

• It can give you a more realistic feel of a game

• If the batteries are worn out, Nintendo will offer you a paid repair service

• With parental control the Nintendo Switch for kids would be a wise decision

• Nintendo Switch updates will be available very soon and expectedly on a regular basis

• And all these features in just $299.99; a straight $100 less from PS4

With its unique features, Nintendo Switch has already taken the place in people’s mind. May be that’s the reason why they have already sold almost 400,000 units till date.

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