All You Need To Know About The Cheats Of Video Games Part 1

Cheats of Video Games Part 1

Terminologies, explications and many other information about cheats and their use

Having fun with video games is just one of the best and most wide-spread kinds of entertainment today.

Boy or girls from the age of 5 or 8 and even the older generations can find a video game of their preference that enable them to escape to another world for a handful of hours.

You can enjoy digital exciting activities, wonder in the worlds of long forgotten realms, lead space battles, play the last week’s game with your favorite basketball team, control airplanes and submarines with the aid of simulators and you can also be a part of the most blood spilling scenes in a question of minutes.

Certainly there are endless options that are only bounded by the minds of the video game programmers.

The good news is, today PC’s are not the only opportunities to delight in video games but you can also enjoy the perks of other game systems like Sony PSP, PS2, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo which operate with the help of a digital disk and can be connected to your TV set providing you with the exclusive experience of enjoying your game on a huge TELEVISION screen.

Evidently not only are there an enormous diversity of video games on the market but they have also end up being more and more challenging and time consuming recently.

Lots of game lovers do not have enough patience and time for such games because they are only playing for the utter pleasure of the game and for killing some time.

It is also frequently the case that during your playing you get stuck at an unsolvable point of the game with which you finish up in losing your interest in the continuation of the game.

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Nevertheless what can possibly be the remedy in the above-mentioned instances?

The answer is very simple: cheat or the use of some other kind of help.

Many people, in general, consider cheating a sinful act but cheating in a videogame is not considered illegal, at all.

Of course when you play online with the multiplayer mode on, it is not ethical to cheat because it spoils the fun of other players.

Consequently, cheaters will not only be excluded from the particular game but they will also receive strong resentment from the online players’ community.

But when sitting alone at home in front of one’s favourite video game, after many unsuccessful attempts, who on earth would not like to see the next level of the game?

And who would not like to skip the most challenging parts of a game when someone wants to play their favourite games again?

Let’s not worry about certain moral issues and if you feel like it then just try to make use of those cheats or loopholes that are even built in the game.

Since game developers has built most of the cheats in the game software for test purposes.

Cheats of Video Games

All this sounds nice, but how can you cheat?

Video game cheats has many different forms and many of them are freely available on the Internet.

You will find a detailed description of the different cheat types and their use below.

Cheats, cheat codes:

These are the simplest ones of all cheat types.

These are sometimes available from the menu options or you can simply type in a certain combination of keyboard or a gamepad buttons and with the help of these secret codes you can reach some hidden features that make the game easier for you.

These cheats can give eternal life, invulnerability, the constant restoring of someone’s health, unlimited ammunition, money codes, etc.

Game developers used to hide these features, but nowadays they offer these cheats as extras of video games.

Command line cheats:

In case of some games you can only initiate cheats if you give so-called command line parameters.

When you use command line parameter cheats you start the game with a special command.

Click on the start menu and find the starting icon of the installed video game.

Click on the game’s icon with the right mouse button and select the features option. A new window pops up. You can find the exe. file and its route in the target box. (E.g. “C:Program FilesInstalledgameGame.exe”)

This is the line you have to modify. Write the appropriate shortcut after it. (E.g. “C:Program FilesInstalledgameGame.exe” -console)

You can notice that it is separated with a space and a hyphen. Save the changes by clicking on the OK button.

Important. The reason why the ‘exe file’ in the target box is in quotation marks is that the route contains a space. In this case you always have to place the parameters outside the quotation.

The following examples are bad and won’t work:

“C:Program FilesInstalledgamegame.exe – console” // inside the quotation

“C:Program FilesInstalledgamegame.exe- console ” // no space and inside the quotation

“C:Program FilesInstalledgamegame.exe”-console // outside the quotation, but there is no space


Cheats of Video Games: Passwords are used for jumping levels and for other types of cheats and they usually have to be typed in on a special screen such as “Password Entry” screen or “Name Entry” screen or

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