The Last Guardian PS4 Exclusive Video Game Review

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Could we review the last guardian ps4 exclusive new video game without talking about the genius behind it?

We believe that to understand the expectation, we should at least have an idea about the man who creates them.

Fumito Ueda is well known as a video game designer, director and the creator of Ico Shadow Colossus which was and still is regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time.

Shadow Colossus Ico is quoted in the video gaming industry as the most influential and elevated as an example of video game Art.

For this reason, when the last guardian ps4 exclusive was announced, people were impatient about the new release of the master in video games creation.

The last guardian ps4 exclusive is a game that has been so long awaited that when it was announced that it was finally going to be released, many didn’t believe it.

The new video game of the master suffered from many delays, Fumito Ueda’s latest game was finally here.

Like many of the other games designed by Fumito Ueda, the last guardian ps4 exclusive is a fantasy action adventure game involving a mysterious world and a young boy embarking on an adventure.

The graphics and physics in the PS4 last guardian are revolutionary, and extremely detailed.

In fact, each feather of your sidekick animal is rendered individually, each one reacting to wind and physics uniquely.

In The Last Guardian story, you take control of a young boy, who remains unnamed for the whole game.

You have been kidnapped, and taken to a massive mysterious castle, and must escape.

After getting out of the room you were confined to, you encounter a large creature, Trico.

Resembling a cross between a large feathered creature and a dog of some kind, Trico will be your sidekick and you will have to learn to work with it to escape.

Last Guardian Game In Essence

At first, Trico is a bit hostile towards you, but that soon changes after healing its wounds and feeding it.

In order to escape from the castle, you must work with Trico to solve puzzles and get past guards.

However, one of the major parts of the game is the fact that Trico is not just an obedient dog that does whatever it’s told, but instead has to have its trust earned.

Like a real animal, Trico may have to be told multiple times to do something before it actually does it.

As time goes on, if you maintain a good bond with Trico, it will be more receptive to commands and more trusting.

If Trico is in an angry mood, it will be less receptive to commands.

You can tell how Trico feels by watching its motions and looking at the color of its eyes.

You can make Trico happy and more trusting by healing it, giving it food, and letting it wander free from time to time like an animal would like to.

the last guardian ps4 exclusive

The Last Guardian Summary

The Last Guardian is a PS4 exclusive, and has two editions available to choose from.

The first one is Standard Edition, which includes the base game.The same base Game can be downloaded digitally also here.

The Collector’s Edition has the game in a steel book case, a Blu-ray game disc, a statue of Trico and the boy, a 72-page art book, a 10-song digital soundtrack, a sticker sheet, and a collector’s box.

The Last Guardian PS4 Exclusive Video

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