Hitman Complete First Season Review

hitman complete first season review

hitman complete first season review

Hitman Complete First Season

Hitman complete first season review is a popular game that was so realistic it made gamers feel as they were the Agent 47.

In the beginning of the game’s creation, it was said that Hitman would be a game based on episodic release.

Gamers all over were intrigued by the announcement and games were released that were connected with each release that followed.

It quickly took off and become a game that was in high demand.

The story started out being released featuring different location settings and the challenges in each chapter of Hitman required players to hone their skills so they could make the mark and complete the mission goal.

For each of these various location settings, players have to get to the target exactly as they’re told to.

They have to complete the mission while fitting certain parameters within the guidelines they’re given.

Some of the missions are timed targets and you’ll get one chance to eliminate the target.

You’ll have to follow contracts and you can also set up targets that you take out on your own.

You’ll get to decide how you’re going to end the target.

Hitman complete first season review

Hitman complete first season review video game

Hitman Complete First Season Review Series

The first in the series starts out in the fashion world of Paris and you’ll have to beat the challenges to take out the target in order to complete the game.

From Paris, the Hitman heads to Italy.

The setting here is fantastic. It’s set on the coast and the changes in scenery here are well done.

You’ll don different disguises here and have to avoid a huge chaotic situation.

Leaving Italy, the game takes the agent to Morocco.

There’s an undercurrent here of tension and the heightened realization that one false move is going to draw the kind of attention from authorities that you don’t want.

After Italy, the agent leaves for Thailand. The place is hopping with the kind of people that the world pays attention to.

The air of relaxation is only a mirage as the agent hunts his target.

You’ll face challenges here that you didn’t have in the previous location that will impact your ability to stay under the radar.

Once the agent is back in the United States, he heads to Colorado, where he has to kill multiple targets.

Hitman Complete First Season Review Gameplay

hitman complete first season review

The gameplay here presents military force right along with the action.

The agent has to take down the targets without coming to the attention of the military.

The game’s different chapters are what make it such a fun game.

Not only will your stealth skills be challenged, but you’ll have to become adept at quickly disguising yourself and getting away before you’re caught.

The graphics throughout the chapters are nothing short of a work of art.

The stunning visuals in each location are definitely noteworthy.

What savvy players will notice is that as each target is eliminated, it’s feeding into an overall purpose.

The game boasts well over 100 hours of gaming.

You also get a bonus pack which gives you 3 extra missions. Plus, you receive the soundtrack.

Fans of Hitman complete first season review definitely won’t want to miss this buy.

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