Grand Theft Auto Five Game Review

Grand Theft Auto Five Game

Grand Theft Auto Five Game: The Grand Theft Auto franchise has spanned many generations of consoles – continuously delivering new hit games each time.

Most recently, Rockstar Games has topped them once again with Grand Theft Auto V.

Taking place in the familiar location of San Andreas, GTA V follows a new set of characters in a new story – but in a revamped version of the San Andreas world from GTA.

Participants can do just about anything and everything in this release.

The story follows three characters: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. Franklin gets roped into doing a heist with Michael, who’s trying to go after Trevor, who wronged Michael in the past.

The three must work together to pull off big heists.

All three of these characters are playable, and you can switch between them at most times.

In fact, players will even have to switch between them to complete missions.

An example of this situation was shown in a GTA V trailer, in which Michael is being attacked in a skyscraper – so the player switches to Trevor, who is sniping in a nearby skyscraper, to assassinate the attackers.

Occasionally, there will be times when you can’t switch between certain characters – such as missions that don’t involve the other characters.

Gamers are also free to do as they please outside of missions.

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Grand Theft Auto Five Game

Grand Theft Auto Five Game Gaming 007

They can highjack cars, rob stores, steal jets from military bases, or just cruise down the street.

Players can also choose to go into GTA Online – the multiplayer version of GTA V.

In GTA Online, you can team up with your friends or random people online to either explore the map, compete in races, go head to head in deathmatches, or complete daring heists.

When you start GTA Online, you create your own characters – either in your own likeness or however you please.

This character has to level up to gain access to new guns, cars, modifications, and clothes.

You can buy these new things by earning money from online missions and races.

Competitors can even play in user made levels and modes, with unique objectives and edited maps.

Grand Theft Auto V is available on Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

There are also four versions of the game to pick from: Standard, Great White, Whale Shark, and Megalodon.

The Standard version is available both physically and digitally.

The remaining three, however, are only available digitally. Great White includes the game and $1,250,000 to use in GTA Online.

Whale Shark is like Great White, but includes $3,500,000 to use.

Megalodon includes the game and a staggering $8,000,000 to use in GTA Online.

Grand Theft Auto Five Game: GTA V doesn’t disappoint loyal fans of this franchise.

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