Samsung Promotions Gear VR Means Top Gaming

Samsung Promotions Gear VR

Virtual reality is something that has arrived and you don’t want to miss out on this kind of top quality technology like you’ll find in the Samsung promotions gear vr.

Not only that, but the headset is priced so reasonably, one is sure to end up in almost every household.

That’s because this headset is the latest in entertainment.

With it, you’ll be able to play the video games that you want to play.

Or, you can catch the movie you’ve been wanting to see.

You can use the headset to interact in a way that’s out of this world.

Samsung Promotions Gear VR

Samsung Promotions Gear VR Means Top Gaming

The Samsung Promotions Gear VR headset places you front and center in the thick of what’s going on in the reality world.

You’ll enjoy a panoramic view that’s out of this world.

The system has some great new features that you’re going to love.

The weight on the headset has been redone so that it’s much lighter.

This enables you to use the headset for longer periods of time and remain just as comfortable as when you first put it on.

The fit of the headset has also been reworked.

It’s roomy enough to be used with eyeglasses and the Samsung Gear VR features some additional padding to make sure you get the best there is in comfort.

There’s also a new touch pad that’s simplified so you’ll be able to use it quickly.

This headset can be used with plenty of different smartphones.

And it also has the ability to be integrated when you upgrade the software on your phone.

It can be used with the Galaxy Note5, the S6, S6 Edge and the Edge+.

It’s also compatible with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

You get access to not only hundreds of games, but helpful and enjoyable apps as well.

 Samsung Promotions Gear VR

Samsung Promotions Gear VR

Samsung Promotions Gear VR Show Served

You’ll get what’s called Samsung Milk VR which enables you to experience the virtual world at 360 degrees.

Instead of watching the action, you’ll be in the action.

You’ll see sights from all over the world, experience the hottest cars and catch the latest in music and more.

Not only will you have access to the newest movies, but you’ll be able to buy your favorite television shows as well.

You’ll be able to see 2D trailers of movies that are available.

The device puts in you in charge when it comes to choosing how you want to view.

You can pick theater, home theater or the moon.

Your viewing experience will be unlike any you’ve ever had before.

You’ll be able to access premium games including classics thanks to Oculus Arcade.

Vimeo will be at your fingertips with all the choices they offer, plus, you’ll be entertained in Twitch and so much more.

The Samsung promotions gear VR headset has 101” field of view, gyrometer sensors and head-tracking.

 Samsung Promotions Gear VR

 Samsung Promotions Gear VR

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