PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Secret Review

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

There are headsets and then there are ones specifically for gamers to use.

The PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is one of those amazing gamer´s devices.

If you don’t know anything about gaming, the type of headset that you use can make a difference in the quality of the game.

Poor quality headsets can ruin a gaming experience while the right ones can enhance it.

The PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset make the game much more enjoyable, according to hard core gamers.

When you’re in the middle of the gaming zone, the worst thing is to miss out on some of the sound in the game.

You can feel left behind and robbed of the kind of experience that you deserve.

This headset gives you what you deserve and lets you catch all of the sounds.

You’ll hear the loudest noises all the way down to the tiniest of whispers.

One of the reasons that these headsets can really deliver is because they boast the impressive 7.1 virtual sound.

They give you the ability to immerse yourself in the game to enjoy it as it was meant to be heard.

You can chat with your friends easily with the noise cancelling microphone.

In so doing, without feeling like you’re hearing things from all corners of the room you’re in.

Whoever is on the other end is going to be able hear what you’re saying

And not what’s going on the background behind or around you.

In all it will be the same for you.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Secret Review

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You’ll be able to concentrate and you’ll be able to hear what’s being said instead of having that background noise come through.

This kind of filtering works because the headset contains technology that produces a cancelling wave.

It’s this wave that stops sounds you don’t want to hear in their tracks.

This experience can greatly enhance whatever it is that you’re listening to, which is yet another reason for the popularity of this item.

Sometimes you can get headphones that are so uncomfortable after just a little while of wearing them that they feel miserable on your ears.

Not these. They’re built for comfort.

You can put them on your ears and you won’t end up with your ears feeling pinched when you’re done using them.

These not only have a lot to offer when it comes to comfort, but they look good in the process.

These PlayStation Gold Wireless Headsets, headphones are stylish and come in black with a blue interior on the inner headband.

The headphones connect to your PlayStation 3 or 4 as well as your PlayStation Vita.

They’re also compatible with certain other devices and they come with a 3.5mm audio cable.


Real Customer Reviews and Scores

This headset is light, comfortable, sounds good, sounds clear, good microphone, and has a surprisingly good surround (7.1).

I did a 2 hours comparison with my wired Astro MixAmp… and I was surprised with the results… I highly recommended it.

My old Sony Gold headset finally bit the dust when the infamous hinge break happened on both sides.

I needed another pair, and saw that these were now available.

I haven’t be able to find a decent headset that gave me independent volume access like the Sony PlayStation headsets where I can change chat volume independently over game volume and vice versa.

These new Sony Gold Headsets rock.


1. No hinges!!!!

2. Way better buttons.

The buttons on the older model really sucked, and eventually recessed too far into the headset

3. I get the same nice sound quality, if not better (probably because they are new and my mind is tricking me into thinking they sound better).

4. Soft plush band


1.This is not really a con yet since it is too early to tell, but the ear pads might be the same material as the previous model.

I can’t really tell.

I really hope it isn’t.

My old ones flaked off big time, and I would walk around the house and most likely in public with pieces of the ear pad on my face.

2.If you have a cone head or a tall head these might be a little uncomfortable since the bottom of the ear pads will dig in at an angle behind the jaw (You can test this by sliding the ear pads all the way down and wearing them. Obviously the band will sit way above your head, but you will get my drift)

This is definitely a much needed improvement over the older model, and I would highly recommend them.

The sound is amazing, and the headset is comfortable. Please don’t let this be the same material on the ear pads as the previous model.

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