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Yakuza 0 PS4 Review

This exciting Yakuza 0 ps4 review video game is the forerunner to the series featuring Kazuma Kiryu.

He’s not yet the man in charge as he seeks to restore his reputation that was shredded by a murder accusation.

Gamers will get the opportunity to play the game as a different character.

What makes people root for the protagonist Kiryu in the game is that he’s determined that he’s going to be the top dog.

The character is well developed and beautifully done as far as the graphics and animation goes.

The Yakuza O PS4 review version of the game is one of the most anticipated and most enjoyed.

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It does have some similar storylines as you’ve seen in the past within the series.

There are turns and challenges within the story that you will expect but others will shock you.

The story plays out in a way that’s believable that gamers will enjoy.

Even if you’re brand new to the series, you can still easily follow along with the storyline.

If you’re a returning fan of the series, then you’ll really like taking a peek into the past at some of the characters when they were younger.

You’ll also enjoy getting that look back to see how things evolved over time.

It’s interesting to see the visuals in the game that step back in time.

You won’t find any lag times in the game and you won’t find portions that feel like it just skipped over events in order to evolve the story.

The combination of storyline and pacing is well done.

In addition to the realistic nod back in time and the astonishing visuals, you’ll also get great audio.

The sounds from gunfire and conversation are both crystal clear.

The language barrier might be a bit of a pain to gamers who don’t understand the conversations, but you can still follow along.

During the game, the actions of your character in virtual reality mimic the reactions other people will give in response.

Yakuza 0 PS4 Review Virtual Game

It’s actually quite cutting edge for a virtual game.

The characters all have some pretty impressive moves during combat.

When your character is fighting and wounds an opponent, the game delivers a compelling and instantaneous reaction from the other party.

It is by fighting that you earn yen, but unlike some other games, you don’t get to level up in an over the top kind of way.

One thing that you’ll notice about the game while you’re playing it is that what your character needs is pretty costly.

The scenes in the world easily flow from one to the next, which is a plus.

With Yakuza 0 ps4 review, you can engage in both online multiplayer as well as offline.

While there isn’t an English version of the game out yet, many gamers are holding out hope that there will be one.

Yakuza 0 PS4 Review Video

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